Alvaro: "Last weekend we attended the last race of the season of our National Championship 1/8 On Road Nitro at Madrid at the amazing Arca Track. Difficult and technical track where no error is allowed because of the high speed corners with close track protections!

We arrived on Friday to free practice. Our Serpent 989 was perfect and we made only small modifications from our base setup from last tests at this track. So We focus on tuning the engines and little else.

On Saturday on qualifing we track had a little more grip. Our Serpent 989 was very very consistent, very agile and fast. I was able to made the Pole Position with a New Lap Record at Arca track! Very very happy for that.

On Sunday, in the Main Final, starting from Pole I had a clean start and gained some meters with Ruben Olivares, Victor Pelaez, Jorge Martinez and my Team Mate Nacho Lopez and the other finalists. Nacho had a turnaround at the beginning and then problems with his engine. We were both the ones who could win the Championship. In the end I was able to maintain the advantage and cross the finish line in first position and win the Spanish Championship after two second places at Valladolid and Sevilla and two wins at Vigo and Madrid. What a nice season!

Congratulations to Albertito Gonzalez for his win in Eco with Serpent 988e and also Juan Hidalgo for his Spanish tittle with Serpent 750evo. What a Team mates!

Congratulations to all Serpent Spain Team and rest of finalists and RC friends!

See you next year!"
Alvaro Fernandez
Team Serpent

Mark Green reports about his GTS race in Gubbio Italy.

Hello racers,

I was able to take part in my first
international race for a long time, this being
the GTS race at the fantastic Gubbio track
in ltaly and as always the track was in
perfect condition.
We had some new engines from MAX power to
run in and then start looking for a setup
for my Srx8 Tq car.

We had 3 rounds of qualifying and I ended
up 8th direct in to the final still with room
to improve the car before the final.
The final was 45 minutes long so it may
not be possible the tyres would last but
unfortunately it didn't get that far as I had a
throttle servo go down a 1 st in 8 years .
Not the final I wanted but that's racing we
got to meet old and new friends and had
some good fun with the team.

A big thanks to Stef, Joaquin and Alessio
for the help and Serpent to attend at this
event. And offcouse the Gubbio track crew
who did a great job and to the Gts team.
Until the next race keep safe.
Mark Green

Jonathan Gandin wins ACI National speed Trophy with the Viper 989 40th

Our newest team driver Jonathan Gandin from Italy made a great debut with his Viper 989 40th anniversary car.

He was able to TQ the race, set the fastes lap and win the race.He is very happy how the 989 car drives and reacts on his changes.There will be a full presentation soon from him.The setup can be found here:

Team Serpent

Serpent SRX8e RTR is shipping now!!!

Serpent now offers the SRX8e-Buggy also in a Ready To Race, to make this superb car even more attractive to a broader customer base, so also Hobby racers can now join in for the action. Top-quality components packed in a Ready-to-race package, the best start a Hobby-driver can make. High end racing chassis with top quality parts, impressive 2.4 GHz transmitter, Waterproof electronic speed controller with small footprint, which fits the E-buggy holder like a glove combined with a strong 1900KV brushless motor with lots of torque.

Mark Green wins round 4 of the BRCA GT race at the Medip track

Mark Green wins round 4 of the BRCA GT race at the Medip track

Round 4 of the Gt8 championship was held at the mendip race way. I was not able to do the practice day on Saturday so would arrive on Sunday and go straight into racing.

After 4 rounds of qualifying I was able too take a good TQ my car was just so easy to drive which gave so much confidence.
The final went very smoothly and I took the win the car and engine again faultless .

Thanks to all my sponsors and to Mendip raceway.
Till nest time

Mark Green

Setup can be found here:

Juan Hildalgo reports his ENS race in Aigen Austria.

Well...! ENS round 1 in the beautiful Aigen track, Austria, is already in the books.
Back home with my dad after four days of Racing.

Sweet and sour taste after a good pace in the qualification, scoring a P1 and a P2 and securing the second position in the grid.

In the final, one of the strangest things that ever happened to me occurred, in the warm up everything was fine, and in the beginning of 45Â’ final, I missed all engine power in the first laps and drivers who were behind overtook me in the straight and unfortunately some hit me and I finished in the grass (Yes, I was, actually really slow😅)
After some laps power just came back again (yes, magically🤔) and trying to recover I run out of fuel at 4Â’10”
After all, really happy with the performance of the 750EVO, with which I honestly think we could have fought for the win. Good pace and fastest laps in the 45Â’ final!

So thatÂ’s racing already thinking in the next one,

I would also like to say that it felt so good to finally meet friends from RC again, we had a good time together. Really grateful with Julius Kolf, Klaus Lechner, Michael for the technical advices and Iñaki Montesinos for the good pit stops! Every race is part of continuos learning.

Congrats to Jilles Groskamp for the win and thanks to all those who support me.

See you in the next one!

Juan Hidalgo
Team Serpent

Setup can be found here:

Manuel Trinko Joins Team Serpent!!

It is our pleasure to introduce - Manuel Trinko.

This is what Manuel had to say about joining the team

It's a huge pleasure to be part of the serpent family.
My main focus is the 1/8 nitro on road class.
The viper 989 40th anniversary car is just awesome.
I'm looking forward to the next races and I hope to get some good results for the team.
Thank you guys, see you on the track!

Manuel Trinko Joins Team Serpent!!

It is our pleasure to introduce - Manuel Trinko.

This is what Manuel had to say about joining the team

It's a huge pleasure to be part of the serpent family.
My main focus is the 1/8 nitro on road class.
The viper 989 40th anniversary car is just awesome.
I'm looking forward to the next races and I hope to get some good results for the team.
Thank you guys, see you on the track!

Merlin Depta reports his ENS race at the Aigen track in Austria

Back home with my dad after four days of racing at European Nitro Series Rd1 in beautiful Aigen, Austria.

I haven't had a radio in my race since exactly one year at the same track with the same event making it hardly to the A-main by bumping up.

The more surprising was our pace this year! I arrived super relaxed taking this first ENS as holiday from the Merlin McFly workshop.

It took me the first 1-2 runs to get used to my radio and feeling for the car but from this point on we found ourselves in the top spots every single round!

Scoring a P2 and P2 in the first two qualifiers we managed to go into the main final from second position with strongest competition right in the neck!

As the main final started I felt that the first set of tires was not as good as the other one we drove in within the warmup so I tried to keep my position as long as I could. Thanks to Dominic for this amazing and super fair fight within the first minutes of the race... Blocking away the whole 8-car-train behind me 😅

With the second set of tires the pace was o.k. again and with 8 minutes to go I found myself within the Top4. A flameout while refuelling made us lose some places which resulted in P6 after the final.

I must say that it felt so great to finally meet again friends from RC, have a good time, a chat and a drink together. It felt so great to have an awesome team Serpent (Michael, Jill, Ricardo, Martin,Julius, Konstantinos you Malakas are amazing) with me in the paddock. Klaus did an amazing job on my engines and in the pits. He is so unbelievable motivated that I couldn't ask for more. It's so good to share this hobby with my dad who has always supported me over the years and is still taking care of me.

I also want to congratulate my friend Simon for this great performance in the OPEN 1/8. Also Dominic and Toni were super strong.

Thanks to my sponsors making these trips possible

Till next time!
Merlin Depta

Setups can be found here:

Meen Vejrak joins Team Serpent!!

It is our pleasure to introduce - Meen Vejrak

This is what Meen had to say about joining the team

"Serpent was one of the first names I've heard of when I was just beginning my career in car racing. I am excited to announce that from now on I will be representing this brand and become a part of the Factory Team. Thank you to the Serpent factory for this opportunity."

Serpent Medius X20FWD '21 carbon is shipping!!

X20FWD Â’21 improves on the very successful X20FWD touring car.
The chassis is based on the popular mid motor design, using a light weight and strong 1-piece motor mount concept, without any interference between the front and rear chassis flex while still allowing center flex adjustability. The advantage for this style of design is to allow maximum flex capabilities without impacting the drivetrain, meaning smoother power delivery, more consistency and less chance of stripping spurs. And it uses the all new dual ball bearing DJC shafts and our new Steering hub allows adjustment of Axle height, offset and Roll center.

Alessio wins AMCI Italian Championship!!!

" The race was in my home track "Naxos world track", just one shot race to become national champion. A bit disappointed because a lot good italians drivers could't come for the COVID situation.

The 80% of the cars was Serpent, every car worked realy good. I have used my standard setup and the car was super good in every condition. In the final, thanks the good balance of the car the tyre consumption was low, this allowed us to have a winning strategy.

Serpent gots, Tq, best lap and victory. In the final there were nice fight between me and other Serpent drivers like Occhipinti, Giaimo, Musolino. Thats also the arrival order.

Setup can be found here:

Till next time!!!

Alessio Mazzeo
Team Serpent.

Jose Almonte joins Serpent factory team!!!

We are delighted to announce the joining of Jose Almonte to the Serpent Team!
Using the Serpent products for many years, Jose is already very familiar with all aspects of the Serpent range allowing him to help current and future racers.
Jose brings a wealth of knowledge to the table specialising in GT and EP racing, he had the following to say.
“I am extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to represent Serpent. My journey started over 10 years ago and through hard work and the support of many individuals my dream of representing Serpent has finally been achieved.
I want to send a special thanks to my friend and mentor Joaquin Desoto, his passion for RC is contagious. Everyone knows that I am extremely approachable and thrive on helping everyone I can. Now lets go Racing!”

Serpent team driver Stick King with his Serpent X20 Fwd

The 1/10 FWD race was held at TRC HK last weekend. The race was postponed twice due to pandemic but it didnÂ’t affect the racersÂ’ enthusiasm and there were over 100 participants took part in the race.

Serpent team driver StickKing with his Serpent X20 Fwd, finished strong and brought home the TQ and win. StickKing took the first and fourth rounds of the qualifies to secure the TQ spot.

He won the first final without any challenge but a different story in the second final. Senna took the win in the second final as StickKing had a mistake. In the deciding final, StickKing was leading from tone to tone and that brought him the overall victory.

Another Serpent drivers Chee and Kelvin Hu, who are famous GP drivers in HK, also had a solid race. Chee finished fifth and Kelvin just missed the podium in the B main.

A great result for the Serpent Team in Hong Kong!!

Serpent Spyder SRX4 Gen3 is ready!!

10 years ago, we started the journey into the development of a belt driven 1:10 4wd offroad car, with the intent to revolutionize the market. The original SRX-4 was born, although it was a good car, it had its short comings. Since that time we have continued to develop, test, design and re-designed it behind the scenes in our secret lab. It had to be easier than any car of its kind to work on, handle with precision and ease, be maintenance friendly, and share more parts across the 1:10 categories we compete in. Aside from those targeted positives it also needed to be better than any 4wd car in performance we have created to date. Foresight was key factor, when the SRX-2 Gen3 was being born, we already had a good understanding how to craft together from its DNA the ultimate 4wd version. The two cars had to be worked on in tandem to make sure it was possible to reach the goals we had set forth. The SRX-4 Gen 3 shares over 50% of its SRX-2 Gen3 relative, an accomplishment we are quite proud of. This was really important as we didnÂ’t want customers to have to purchase a significant amount of new parts just to operate two cars. Lowering operational costs is always a positive thing, and there is no doubt we have managed to achieve this goal. The SRX-4 Gen3 is a belt driven masterpiece, when evolution becomes the revolution.

Team Serpent wishes everybody a Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Wish you all the best in the year of the OX!!

Our Hong Kong office wil be closed from 12-2-2021 till 15-2-2021.

Team Serpent.

Serpent Viper 989E is now available!

Serpent Viper 989E is now available!
The Serpent 989E Viper is the latest Electric version of the 989.
Electric racing has developed big time, the possible power is huge. Especially in the popular dragster class in the US the power going through the transmission is extreme. The 989E is designed to take care of that power and put it down as effective as possible.
The 989E is based on the ultra-successful 989 gas racer and shares itÂ’s suspension, shocks and quite a lot of other features like the chassis plate or the driveshafts

Yukijiro Umino joins Serpent!!

Serpent welcomes top RC Desinger/Manager Yukijiro Umino!!

This is what he would like to say:

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Joaquin Desoto and Mr. Lau for giving me this great opportunity for joining Team Serpent.

During the past three years I was away from the RC racing scene. However, my passion and motivation have never stopped. And now it is the time for me to move on. I will continue to come up with innovative ideas and create cars that will please everyone.

Other than that, I will be involved not only in the races, but in all aspects of Serpent, so you can count on me.

Yukijiro Umino

We welcome Jackie Shum to Team Serpent Hong Kong

Welcome to Jackie Shum from Hong Kong, this is what he had to say about joining the team:

“First of all, I would like to thank Serpent for giving me the opportunity to join Serpent EP on-road team. It is for sure a great pleasure of me to be part of the team.
I have tested the car for a couple weeks and I can saythat the car is great.
From now on, I will help develop and promote Serpent brand with my other teammates.”

Serpent S240 '21 is available now!!

Serpent S240 '21 is available now!!!
The Serpent S240 is a 1/24 scale electric 2wd pan-car. Simple, fast, proven and strong design. No complicated suspension designs or set-ups. A pure fun racing chassis, for sheer endless amounts of track-time.
- top quality carbon fibre chassis components with flex-control
- cnc machined and orange anodised aluminium parts
- smooth ball-diff
- high speed bearings, metric high quality screws
- designed for Lipo packs for over 15 minutes runtime
- electric brushed motor
- High grip foam racing tyres
- Low profile, GT style

Serpent Natrix 750E is avalible now!!

Serpent Natrix 750E is avalible now!!
The Serpent 750E Natrix is the latest Electric version of the 750. Electric racing has developed big time, the possible power is huge. Especially in the popular dragster class in the US the power going through the transmission is extreme. The 750E is designed to take care of that power and put it down as effective as possible. The 750E is based on the ultra-successful 750 gas racer and shares itÂ’s suspension, shocks and quite a lot of other features like the chassis plate or the driveshafts

We welcome King Fong to Team Serpent Hong Kong

We welcome King Fong Ho to Team Serpent Hong Kong.
He will use the Serpent X20 '21 for his racing.

Alvaro Fernandez is Northwest regional Champion 2020 with Serpent.

In this difficult year due to Coronavirus situation, with some national races and EC Championship cancelled here in Spain, we was able to race only regional races in the Northwest of Spain here at Galicia.

This year we try also electric touring superstock with the new Serpent X20, racing on same wekeends like our usual category 1/8 On Road Nitro with our Serpent 989.

A lot of work on pits with both categories but really fun, and things goes very well as we won the Championship on both scales with one race to dispute end this month. Both cars X20 & S989 worked very nice in our different tracks, really happy with their performance!

I hope this situation can change soon in the near future to see races with more pilots and see all our friends from other places.

I hope 2021 can be better for all. Only just add my sincere thanks to Serpent and Bumpers Online for their support!
Thank you!

Alvaro Fernández

Team Serpent.

Serpent Medius X20 '21 is ready to ship!

An evolution of the original X20 Medius!
Learning from the X20 we have improved some handling characteristics to make the car
more nimble and improve corner speed, stiffening of the chassis in critical areas to change
the flex points along with tweaking the roll centre has led to the all improved speed.
A Refresh on the already smooth drivetrain gives us more acceleration and nicer torque
delivery with the all new ball raced driveshaft system.
Innovative New Steering hubs allow a multitude of setup combinations including an industry
first axle offset option.
The new X20Â’21 is lighter, faster and more adjustable.

We welcome Tam Chi Man and Hui Chin Ho to Team Serpent Hong Kong 🇭🇰

We welcome Tam Chi Man and Hui Chin Ho to Team Serpent Hong Kong 🇭🇰

They will use the Serpent Viper 989 for there racing.

Serpent Natrix 750 EVO is coming soon!

The Serpent 750 Evo Natrix is the evolution of the ultra-successful 750. To improve the car we left no stone unturned and tried our ultimate best to make an even better car

Shipping from the factory on the 14th of September

Michael Salven wins 40+ Maters race at ENS in Aigen Austria

Michael Salven wins 1:8 +40 Masters class, Michael Salven put on a masterful display with his Serpent 989 40th anniversary car. In the final, leading from pole position to take a comfortable win.

Serpent 804450 Oneway diff fr S7XX is now available!

The drag assisted one-way for the Serpent 750 is a very nice option.
Replacing the normal front diff, it enables you to still brake and turn in like a diff but the exit drive and change of direction on-throttle is much better.
It is important though to adjust the oil viscosity according to the available grip level.
With lower grip level you should go to thicker oil to get more front braking power.

Serpent SRX8GTE WC is coming soon!

The SRX8GTE WC is based on the SRX8GTE that has proven his great potential on the World championships in Miami this Jan 2020. The SRX8GTE WC shares many high performance parts from the successful SRX8 platform. In addition to the details carried over from the SRX8 platform, we have introduced many new, design concepts to push the SRX8GTE WC well into the future as well as set its self apart from all competition.

Serpent SRX8T-e is shipping now!

After the introduction of the long awaited SRX8-T, Serpent shifted into high gear, and prepared to complete the entire 1/8th line with the SRX8-T Electric. Transforming the Nitro version into an E version in a short time was nothing short of our highest priority. Take the best Nitro Truggy we have ever developed, and go electric. Retain all the key factors: performance, reliability, durability, ease of assembly as well as maintenance, coupled with all new suspension geometry, we feel this all new E Truggy is built for success. Using all of our high quality metals, plastics and rubber, we spared zero when it came to building the best product we could. During testing this all new E truggy exceeded all expectations we have set forth. Not only did this all new E truggy out perform its predecessor, it annihilated it. It was faster, more durable, easier to drive and straight up vicious on the race track. Without Further a due, letÂ’s get started with all the new features of the SRX8-T Electric.


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