Marco Weigerding joins Serpent Factory Team!

This is what Marco wanted to say:

I‘m so happy and thankful to join the serpent racing team. It’s an honor to join this team of rc history. I’m very motivated to work together and I’ll do my best for great results!
Thanks for this big opportunity, see you soon on the track

Team Serpent

Andrea Catanzani reports Italian Nats Rd2 in Leno

We arrived at the track on Friday afternoon due to some problems during the journey. As soon as we got on the track we immediately found an excellent feeling with the car. After the checks on Saturday we were in fifth position, just before qualifying we changed the front springs from blue serpent to 8.0 smj, the car became faster and we managed to gain third place after qualifying.

We started the race very calmly, and after 45 minutes we managed to achieve a fantastic second place. I thank the entire Serpent team for their continued support, see you on the track.

Andrea Catanzani
Team Serpent

Setup can be found here:

Italian Nationals round 2 at the Leno track.

Team Italie did a great job at the second round of the Italian nationals at the Leno track.

With the Viper 990 Andrea Catanzani coming in second and Mattia Collavo on the 8th spot with some problems 8 minutes before the end otherwise he could be even higher in the end result.

Great job team, next race is the ENS also at the Leno track.

Team Serpent


Jose Almonte reports GLC race 2023

The 2023 GLC is in the books and what an event it was!!!

I ran Two classes being Nitro GT8 and Nitro Sedan. After having issues in both classes i managed to qualify 2nd in GT behind my Teammate Carlie Lopez and 6th in the Nitro Sedan Class.

In the GT8 Nitro main i was able to take the Win after having to push hard to recover from a 5 laps down. The luck was in my side this time because my teammates Carlie Lopez and Junior Riley both had issues giving me the opportunity to catch both of em and taking not only the Win but also the Track Record. (17.884)
The SRX8 GT '23 Car was ballistic fast all week and the Serpent team swept the GT8 Class.

In the Nitro Sedan after battling the Track conditions I was able to find a decent set up and made the A Main. In the Final i was able to go up the ladder putting myself in a good 2nd position for the majority of the race until the tire change in which i came out in 3rd with good possibilities of winning the race but i ran out of gas.
In the end I finished 5th!

Jose Almonte
Team Serpent

Mark Green reports BRCA round 5 at teh Halifax track

Hi Racers,

This is my 1st run with the new 990E , build was really great everything just screws together . I built the car , fit all electricÂ’s and set off to Halifax one of the best tracks in the UK for 8th racing , the weather for the weekend was not looking good at all but for a change it turned out much better.
On Saturday I was able to do 5 runs and the car was working great , I made a bit off a mess with the speedo settings but Paul Bellinger came and sorted that out, thanks Paul, there was a few more 990E at this race and they was also super fast with James Connolly and Michael Walton . At this meeting it was really great to see some many 8th entry with over 50 so Saturday was very busy and the whole meeting had a good vibe with lots of fun in the pits. The rain did arrive but it did not dampen things as most got some good running.

Sunday arrived and again weather was much better than shown, after all the rounds off qualifying was done I got TQ with Michael only just missing the TQ by few hundredths and James in 3rd so a 990E top 3.
We had 3 final and I was able to keep my 1st place result so super happy with that and with the car which ran faultless the whole weekend, James was able to pass Michael for 2nd and Michael got 3rd so 990E top 3 after all the finals run.

Serpent Junior drivers also keep winning with Alfie with his 989E and Max with his 990 nitro taking wins in their class.
All the Serpent drivers worked great together helping with set ups and having fun.
Thank you to all at the Halifax club for running a great meeting.

Keep racing fun.
Mark Green
Team Serpent

King Fong reports China EP National Championship in Yongkang

After a hiatus of three years, the China National race has made a triumphant return to the schedule, marking its fifth edition hosted in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province. Despite the absence, Serpent has once again showcased remarkable achievements on this renowned track.

In a significant debut at the China National Race, Kenrick entered the Mod class. With determination and skill, he secured the A5 starting position and impressively finished at A4. Notably, his efforts contributed to the team's success, earning the second place in the team standings for the mod class. Kenrick faced the challenge of tire balance, given the absence of control tires across all classes, yet he displayed the true potential of his Serpent X20 2023.

StickKing, navigating his Serpent Sf4 F1, exhibited exceptional prowess in the F1 class. He dominated the track, securing both the TQ and A1 positions, which significantly contributed to the team's victory as the F1 class champions. We extend our gratitude to StickKing for his trust in the Serpent Sf4 and his contribution to this success.

This event once again demonstrates Serpent's commitment to excellence and innovation, as we continue to push boundaries and achieve remarkable results on both the national and international stage.

King Fong
Team Serpent

Juan Hidalgo Garrido reports EC 2023 Vila Real Portugal

2023 1/8 Euros in Vila Real, Portugal, is already in the books.

Tough and crazy week for us, first 1/8 race in this scale after I think 15 years, where some technical issues throughout the week, and maybe some unfortunate events didnÂ’t allow us a better outcomeÂ…😅

I donÂ’t remember such disastrous Qualifications with DNF, unworthy crashes, 48 rear tyres hardnessÂ…
In the 1/4 finals when we were in a comfortable 2nd position, the car was super good, and everything looked great, we had an stop&go in the pits, and then I lost a lot of time overtaking other drivers and missed the semifinal by 0,1 seconds.

So this is racing and we will fight to come back stronger, and weÂ’ll remember the great week we had, I think beyond this outcome, we showed good pace in the not official qualy with a 4:03 round and will stay with that, good friends, good food, and more experiences in the curious world of radio control that we love.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all those who have contributed to make this possible, all the Serpent team who helped us along de week, Joaquin De Soto for the pit work and coaching, Michael Salven for the setup advices, the Serpent 990 is an amazing car!! Oliver Mack, Andrea Catanzani, my father, Nova engines with Stefano Colombini, and Sociedad Municipal de deportes de Santa Brígida for the support, and also congratulate the organization of Associação de Minimodelos de Vila Real and Efra for the wonderful week.

Congratulations to the winners and Álvaro Fernández for his second final in a row, amazing work dude!🥇 🥈 🥉

See you all on the track!

Team Serpent

Alvaro Fernandez reports EC 2023 Vila Real Portugal

We arrived to this nice track on Sunday to be on the track on Monday morning for the first practice. During the practice days we tested some different things on our Serpent 990, thanks to the support of Michael Salven, Joaquin Desoto and the rest of pilots of the Team Serpent. The car was good on the last heats of practice and also the engines on point. So, we were ready for the qualification rounds.

Qualification started very good. On the first day we got two great qualys with a 7th and a 8th overall; so there was good points in the pocket for the next day!

On second day of qualifying we had another three runs. Our goal was to secure a place in the semifinals. In the 3rd round I made a small mistake in the large chicane and I lost 3 seconds who result in a 22nd place. The 4th round was really good and the result was an 11 overall so the semi was secured, and in the final round we tried to not to run safe in any moment and try to do our best taking risks but... I failed entering the straight loosing any possibility to get a better result and we sttoped. Final position in qualification was an 11th overall. Great result for us!

In the semifinal A we started with the number 5. The serie had big names at this level. All was more less good, only we loose some seconds in the last refueling at boxes, but everybody in our semi had a great pace and we finished in 5th position. With the results of the other Semifinal was not enough to be in the Main Final.

So, we had the Last Change of 15 minutes to try to be in the Main. We started 3rd with Collari and Ermen in front and... what a race! Lamberto had some problems in the beginning and I had I think a great and clean battle with John. I enjoyed a lot this Last Chance and I can say that for me this race was really amazing fighting so close with a big pilot, resulting so nice to see for the public I think. At the end we finished 1st and got the last place in the Main Final! Incredible for me! In the Main Final again of an European Championship! like the last year at Valencia!

Once there in the Main, what to say? Try to enjoy! Our pace was to be between 6-8 position. We decided two complete tyre changes as our S990 worked very good in the Last Chance with new tyres, but after the second tyre change with approx 12 minutes to the end the rear belt broken and we decided to stop and finished in 10 final place. For us, this is an amazing result for sure!

I want to say Many Thanks! to Michael Salven and Joaquin Desoto for all the help and support there at Portugal, all their work with the setup and also to the other Team Serpent drivers present there (everybody!) I think we worked all week as a great team, comparing setups, sharing information,and having nice moments all together! It was really nice!


Alvaro Fernández
Team Serpent

Gabriele Paloschi reports his first euro's GT in Zagreb

European championship zagreb
From the first day, the car immediately proved to be fast and easy to drive with our basic set up, on a technical track with little grip. As a result we lowered the rating of the diffs and eased the clutch.

In the following days we perfected the set up of the model by modifying the toe, and also the camber based on tire wear.

Already from the controlled practice on Wednesday and Thursday, we proved to be competitive and worthy of the first places, we were ready and confident of doing some good qualifying.
Unfortunately we didn't find the perfect setting to go fast and do the 7 minutes, so we didn't finish qualifying in the way we would have liked... 7th and excluded from the SuperPole.

We start in the semifinal with the number 3, I am immediately touched and I lose positions, but the car was truly a track and allowed me to calmly return to the safety zone and keep it until the end.
We leave for the A main in 5th position and after an abnormal flame out after 5 minutes of the race, the comeback begins until we reach third place!

My Serpent was really perfect, very fast and easy to drive; Furthermore, during the whole week of the race we NEVER had a mechanical problem, a really super reliable model from all points of view!

Till next time at the track.
Gabriele Paloschi
Team Serpent

New Serpent SRX8GT optional!

Every year new engines are being developed as the Engine manufactures squeeze more power or RPM out of a .21 sized nitro engine. It could also be that more short tracks are running GT than ever before. Either way, it is very important that we keep up on what is happening in the market. Our current SRX8 GT cars have an internal ratio of 13/44, and it was great for a majority of conditions, however, times have changed and a larger range is needed. Now we made an optional ratio 12/44, creating a class specific ratio. Although it seems like a minor change, the on track performance can be quite huge. The outcome would be more acceleration with reduced load on the engine. This will allow you to utilize different ratio splits, or even different fuel mixtures that can result in longer run times.

King Fong renews his ride with Team Serpent!!!

Thank you, Serpent and Mr. Lau, for giving me the opportunity to keep myself as a part of the Serpent team. I have truly cherished my time with Serpent over the past few years, and it has been an incredible experience. I continue to have a deep passion for this sport and feel grateful for the support and camaraderie I have found within the Serpent community. Your kindness and mentorship have played a significant role in my journey, and I am humbled by the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such talented individuals. Thank you once again for your unwavering belief in me. See you guys soon!

Team Serpent

New Serpent Viper 990 optionals are ready!!

The new optional carbon bodymount is a much lighter version. It provides excellent support for all Xtreme bodyshells. The total weight is 21g, which saves 14g compared to the standard bodymount.

# 903845 Bodymount carbon set S9XX

Our new MBL competition belts feature a special construction of the internal Kevlar reinforcement fibers, combined with a new material of the belt itself.
The belt improves the drivetrain efficiency by 50% due to reducing the external as well as the internal friction.

The result is a super-free transmission which improves top speed and reduces the stress on the engine. It also helps to improve fuel consumption.

This belt is a must for the serious racer!!

903854 Belt 90S3M201 MBL competition S9XX
903855 Belt 60S3M210 MBL competition S9XX
903856 Belt 60S3M432 MBL competition S9XX

The new optional front shockmounts allow for more flex. The traditional shock bracket is replaced by 2 separate mounts.
Due to the use of shims, the angle of the shocks can also be adjusted in smaller steps, allowing for an even better suited setup.
The 2 separate mounts can be connected with a bracket to give more stiffness, especially on high
traction tracks.

# 903857 Shockmount set FR flex S990

The new optional rear shockmounts allow for more flex. The traditional shock bracket is replaced by 2 separate mounts.
Due to the use of shims, the angle of the shocks can also be adjusted in smaller steps, allowing for an even better suited setup.
The 2 separate mounts can be connected with a bracket to give more stiffness, especially on high traction tracks.

# 903858 Shockmount set RR flex S990

Serpent 990E Wins 1/8 Electric Track National and Top Junior Awards in Halifax!

Last weekend was round 3 of the UK National Championship held at the very fast Halifax Track
Saturday was Open Practice, 50 drivers attended the event. The track was busy all day. This
was the first time the NEW 990e was used in the UK. After a few minor setup change, the
car driven by James Conolly was looking and feeling good.

Help was given to our Junior drivers from the more experienced Serpent drivers (BIG thank
you to all of them)
Sunday, 4 rounds of qualifying the NEW 990e took TQ in rounds 1 ,3 and 4 (New Halifax
Track record). In the A Final James Conolly won the first 2 legs of the 3 leg Final. This was
the overall win to add to his TQ. Michael Walton driving a 989e took 3 rd place on the podium.
Both of our Junior drivers won TOP JUNIOR awards, Max Holland (Nitro) 990 and 6 year old
Alfie Wadsworth (Electric) 989e.

Big thank you to all of the Serpent drivers for their willingness to help other drivers, finally
thank you to the Halifax Club for a super race facility and ultra-smooth track.

Team Serpent UK

Serpent takes 4 A-Main wins & 2 TQÂ’s at Roar Paved Nationals.

With Brandon Diaz & S120Pro sweeping GT12. Jesus Diaz taking VTA & USGT with 4x and X23. And Andy St. Germain pulling out the A-Main win with F110 SF4 chassis.

Serpent & Jesus Diaz takes A-main win VTA at Roar paved Nationals.

Serpent & Brandon Diaz takes A-main win in GT12 at Roar Nationals.

Andrea Catanzani joins the Serpent Factory team

This is what Andrea had to say:

I am really happy and honored to join the Serpent team, sure that together we will give each other great satisfaction. Thanks to Serpent and to Schepis for this great opportunity

Team Serpent

Mattia Collavo joins the Serpent Factory team.

This is what Mattia had to say:

I am very happy to join the serpent team, i see it as the beginning of a nice and long cooperation, i will do my best at national and international race, thank Serpent and Star rc for the opportunity.

Team Serpent

Lee Chun Yin joins the Serpent Factory team.

This is what Lee Chin had to say.

I want to say big thanks to serpent for this opportunity! i look forward to the next race and new challenge with my 990 and x20'23. Hope i can get some good result to the team.

Team Serpent

Oliver Mack is back where it all began Team Serpent

I am happy being back after such a long time, the brand where it all began, back to the roots. I am absolutely motivated to show good results and to give my best for Serpent.
I am really looking forward to that journey together.

Oliver Mack
Team Serpent

Serpent Viper 990E is ready to ship!!

The Serpent Viper 990E is the successor of the successful 988E/989E.

We have spent a lot of testing and research to improve the former electric powered 1-8 platforms. We put a lot of emphasis on the flex characteristic since that showed very promising results.
On top of that we improved weight, weight distribution and ease of maintenance.
A lot of the development went into the transmission. The goal was to have a bullet-proved, yet very free transmission

HOTRACE Asia Cup race report By Jeff Hamon

I made the journey to Hong Kong from Brisbane on the last weekend in April to attend the 2023 HOTRACE Asia Cup. The Event was held at the famous TRC Track (Tom Racing Circuit), located in a tropical surrounding about 30min from the major city of Kowloon. The unique track is built on a slope which gives some nice elevation change throughout the lap, the surface not very abrasive on tyres however patches of worn asphalt creates some interesting bumps that sometimes can not be avoided. A relatively tight layout with a fast sweeper meant that a well balanced and maximum rotation setup was needed.
I arrived to the track Thursday morning with my race buddy and guide Kenrick, I cycled through my engines to make sure they were all tuned and setup for the hot and humid conditions while also learning the layout. Friday I worked on setup, proving to be a little challenging with the UV and Temps really changing the cars balance between runs, I settled on what I thought would be in the window and prepared for Saturdays quals.

Seeding 3rd in official practice, we set on to the 4min qualifying rounds. My first run was a little messy finishing in 4th, I managed to get 3rd in the remaining rounds until some rain stalled proceedings. The decision was to run 1 more round on Sunday before the mains. I continued to make setup changes to chase the track. Another 3rd in the last round meant we would be competing in super pole to try for a direct spot in the main! As anyone that has done a super pole before would know, the nerves are real! Just missing out on the fastest lap meant I would need to compete in the 30min semi final.

I quickly charged and prepped my 990, the strategy was to only change the outside tyres and to stay out of troubleÂ….. The start was great, leading and creating a gap, we had some tangles while overtaking lapped cars which was a little intense but in the end everything worked well and we could finish 1st with two laps up our sleeve.

The 45min Amain!
My favorite thing about RC racing is long finals – Strategy, speed, teamwork, stamina and awareness all comes in to play. We had a clean start, getting pretty close to Carmine in the first few laps, settling into a rhythm while trying to conserve tyres we cruised around in 3rd position until Carmine had some unfortunate luck which bumped us to 2nd. Having some nice battles and fighting a hard charging local we were always fighting! The 990 was epic with the new Blitz Speed body allowing us to secure 2nd postion after 178 laps.

Im really proud of the result and really happy to meet my international friends again! Thank you to my mechanics Giovanni and Natanele, James and all the guys at TRC and especially the Serpent HK guys!

Setup can be found here:

See you at the next race,
Jeff Hamon

Race report from Team Serpent Puerto Rico

The BRCC NEOS 2023 Rd 4 was held at the Barceloneta rc complex in Puerto Rico in wich our team once again did super.

In the 1/10 Nitro class Diego Fagundo qualified 3rd and won the event. His Serpent 750 Evo worked flawlessly giving Diego the chance to Win the race.

In the GT8 Nitro class Carlie Lopez once again dominated. Having issues qualifying Carlie had to settle to start 2nd in the grid. In the main his Serpent SRX8 2023 was on rails and Carlie was able to finish on top.

In the GT8 Electric Class Manuel Sandoval does the hat trick. TQ, Fastest lap and Won the event.
His SRX8 WC was on point all day allowing Manuel to win the event.

Great job guys!!!

Jeff Hamon wins GT Pre Worlds at the John Grant International Raceway in Sydney

2023 GT Pre Worlds Report

The 2023 Worlds warm up event was held over the first weekend of April, fortunately for me the track is only a short 10 hour drive from my homeÂ…
Ready to hit the track for open practice on Wednesday we were unfortunately greeted with some wet conditions – After some hours and a bit of bench racing we could hit the track in the early afternoon and got some laps in.

The track is very smooth with really only one major bump leading onto the main straight, it is flowy with 3 heavy braking areas that require a stable rear that also provides a lot of rotation. Very Fun!

After dialing in my engines I was ready to work on setup for Thursdays practice sessions. Working with all the Serpent Team – Ric, John, Ross, Jason to name a few we all managed to get a nice driveable car.

Friday was Controlled practice and seeding followed by 2x Rounds of qualifying. I utilized the CP rounds to continue progressing my setup and trying different options. Q1 came around quickly – Not 100% sure on how my fuel economy was I tried to ‘bank’ the first run resulting in a TQ for the round.

A luxury the track has is the ability to race under lights! I was a little concerned for Q2 due to my body being predominately black… As I squinted through the exhaust fumes comfortably leading my car started to feel a little strange – This feeling was my front left wheel nut coming loose eventuating in a 3 wheeled GT car, suffice to say I was unable to finish.

We woke up to again a wet Saturday which was scheduled to have the final 4 Quails, after a steller job by the club volunteers to dry the track we managed to start the program.

The Serpent SRX8GTÂ’23 was dialed! Managing to take with win in all the remaining rounds resulting in the overall TQ.

Unfortunately Sunday mother nature won, not able to start the 1 hour A-Main the race meeting was declared and results would be based on qualifying – I was pretty bummed not to have the opportunity to race but still super happy for the whole team and result.

I would like to thank all the organizers of NSWRCRCC and everyone that gave up their valuable time to volunteer so we could all enjoy racing our RC cars! Also thank you to my sponsors and Andrew for his help over the weekend.

Jeff Hamon
Team Serpent

New Serpent SRX8GT 23 options are available now

Aero Front Bumper is available now.

The faster you go the more down force and aerodynamics matter. At Serpent we understand that as well as anybody. In order to achieve the down force and flow of air we wanted, we constructed an entirely new High airflow front bumper.

This bumper does a fantastic job of channeling the air under that chassis. Not only does it improve air flow, but increases downforce. We were able to achieve higher top speed as well as corner speed with our all new aero bumper.

All New Side Body support and mounting system.

Keeping your body supported at low and high speed is a huge deal. In order for the aerodynamics of any body or body thickness to work, you have to make sure the body never deforms or loses its shape. The sides are generally the first things to start flapping when the air speeds increase. In order to prevent the flapping and deforming affects of air speed, we now have a new mounting system you can use to support, or mount the body to. This all increases your cars ability to go faster, with fewer disturbances in the flow of air you can harness more mph or down force. You could call this the anti flapper if you want, but once you try it, I donÂ’t think you will ever go back.

Light Weight 4mm chassis with adjustable flex.

When racing in high grip, low grip or no grip at all, flex is a powerful tool. This new chassis has 6 different pockets spread out in the key areas to control the flex, whether the front or the rear and more towards the center. Whether you want more flex at the front to control the steering or more flex at the rear at the rear to control rear end grip, this chassis has you covered.

Another caveat is the chassis is also over 30 grams lighter than the standard kit chassis. With the carbon fiber panels installed, it really looks devilishly sick.

Lightweight Outdrives and Centering Cross Pin:

When lap times matter most as any level racer would agree, consistency lap after lap would be of top priority. Being the first company to introduce this system into 1/8th onroad GT we are confident they will not only improve lap time, but life of your differentials. Creating more of a solid axle effect, while still allowing differential action, these all new lightweight outdrives and 1 piece crosspin are a huge improvement in performance. Reducing binding on the internal gears and outdrives, the diff runs smoother longer without any premature damage. These are an absolute game changer for GT enthousiasts.

601280 HTD diff X-shaft alu SRX8

601281 Diff outdrive (2) V2

601282 Diff outdrive center (2) V2

Race report from Team Serpent Puerto Rico

Diego Fagundo Wins the 3rd Round of the NEOS series in PR with the Serpent 750 Evo.

Manuel Sandobal TQ and Won the GTE Class with the Serpent SRX8 WC.

Carlie Lopez TQ and finished 2nd with the New Serpent SRX8 2023.

Alejandro Fagundo showed up to run just the final and Finished 3rd with the new Serpent 990.

Great job from the Team!!!

Chassis focus Jose Almonte's SRX8 Gt '23 and SRX8 GTE

Here are the pictures of the layout and parts he used at the double win at the Florida Winternats at the Nuggets rc track.

Race report from Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico the BRCC Neos Rd2

Carlie Lopez won the Nitro GT class starting last. Carlie set the fastest lap of the event.
Manuel Sandoval Finished 3rd.
Luis Ulloa Finished 4th.
Ramon Negron Finished 6th.
Gabriel Vazquez Finished 7th.

In the GTE Class it was Manuel Sandoval who TQ and Won.
Manu also had the fastest lap of the event for the class.
In Second finished teammate Carlos Ramos.

In the 17.5 Pro Spec Class debuting with the X20 Diego Fagundo TQ and finished 2nd.
Diego showed great potential in his first outing with the car.

Good job of Team Serpent Puerto Rico!!!

Jose Almonte sweeped the GT classes at the recent Florida Winternats in the US Taking P1 in both Nitro and EP

This is what Jose had to say after the event!

I was able to attend the 47th Annual Florida WinterNats at Nuggets Ranch RC Raceway.
Ran 2 ClassesÂ… GT Nitro and GTE.

In Gt Nitro i was able to qualify 2nd behind my lil man and teammate Carlie Lopez who TQ his first ever big event. In the Final i was able to take the Win and become the 2023 Wintermats Nitro GT Champion.

My SRX8 GT 2023 was really good all week.

In GTE i was able to TQ and Win becoming the 2023 Winternats Champion.
My SRX8 GTE WC was on rails all week.

Great atmosphere in the pits. The team worked together all week and the results are there.
Congratulations to the Team for the great Job!
Last but not least i would like to thank Greg Esser, Melanie Esser and the hole crew for putting such a great event together for us. Everything was on point as usual. Thanks!

Jose Almonte
Team Serpent

Gabriele Paloschi wins GT Miami Grand Prix!

Gabriele made a great debut on his first Miami Grand prix race.

With TQ and win in the GT class with his just released Serpent SRX8 GT Â’23.

Serpent had 5 cars in the main final with the spots 2,4,5 and 10 we where the most successful car in the final.

Great job for the whole Serpent Team!!

Serpent SRX8GT '23 is shipping now!!!

The SRX8GT ‘23 has been re-worked from the ground up. Customer and racers alike wanted a faster, lighter, more nibble and reliable race car heading into the new racing season. Although we have enjoyed many great race wins and successes in the world of GT racing, it was time for us to push the evolution of the class yet again. The engineering group went to work, discussing all aspects and weak points of our previous model. After countless concepts and discussions, we had formulated the best possible plan to create the greatest successor we could. With nothing short of maximum performance on the track and devilish good looks on the pit table, the new SRX8GT ‘23 was born; we don’t think you will be disappointed.

Serpent SRX8GT '23 is shipping now!!!

The SRX8GT ‘23 has been re-worked from the ground up. Customer and racers alike wanted a faster, lighter, more nibble and reliable race car heading into the new racing season. Although we have enjoyed many great race wins and successes in the world of GT racing, it was time for us to push the evolution of the class yet again. The engineering group went to work, discussing all aspects and weak points of our previous model. After countless concepts and discussions, we had formulated the best possible plan to create the greatest successor we could. With nothing short of maximum performance on the track and devilish good looks on the pit table, the new SRX8GT ‘23 was born; we don’t think you will be disappointed.


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